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Sheep Shearers



sheep software

Affordable Ranch Management software designed to make a rancher's life easier. Ranch Manager gives practical information about your business to make better decisions. Save time by easily navigating through your data in a system that makes sense. With multiple views of your herd and a customizable search capability, Ranch Manager makes finding any animal simple. Embedded Help on-screen and How Do I features make Ranch Manager easy to use.

Keep detailed notes about your whole operation; from individual animals to the people you do business with. Rancher's calendar keeps track of the history of your operation and upcoming events. The Rancher's Calendar automatically updates events entered throughout the program related to your herd.

Conform to new government regulations around animal tracking standards. With Ranch Manager, simply enter the required government tracking information for your animals. For each animal, you can maintain the history of tracking numbers, dates, associated owners and issuing country. As other tags become phased out, Ranch Manager allows the user to keep track of multiple tags, premises id, country of origin and the new government registration numbers. All Ranch Manager products work seamlessly together. Ranch Manager includes free technical support.




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mechanical shearing handpiece

electric shearing machine

battery shearing machine

triple bearing system (TBS)

powerful 320 watts motor

independent shearing
_developed in co-operation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), the ICON is built on the latest state of echnology. Anatomical designed slim barrel for more working comfort.

_the 320 Watts motor provides an unequalled shearing performance. It has a patented floating fork system providing an even pressure across the comb and cutter, using less pressure and prolonging the life of the comb and cutter by up to 50%.

_the world's first 12 Volt car battery driven sheep shearing machine can be run off a car or motorbike battery, eliminating the need for an AC power supply and provides shearing or clipping in remote locations.

> Double row angular contact bearings
> Lower maintenance 
> Longer working life
> Smoother running 14-teeth back joint cogs
> Precision comb bed
   to reduce comb springing
Technical Data
> Motor Power: 320 Watts
> Speed: 2400 rpm
> Overload security switch
> Weight: 1'550g
> Power supply cord: 5m

Technical Data
> Motor Power: 50 Watts
> Speed: 2250 rpm
> Weight: 1'250 g           
> Car battery (45 Ah)
> Running time: 4 - 5 hours